The path that led me to a life with flowers was more of a scenic route. It was never obvious to me from a young age that this is where I would end up, and I've been told often that it seems like I have led a thousand lives. 

But when I think about it, flowers have always played a part in some of my fondest memories. My childhood home was on a street named after a flower. I remember buying fragrant garlands of jasmine in the Philippines, and I will never forget the smell of lilies in my grandmother's room (the one with the wallpaper of yellow roses). 

With a background in studio art and a lifelong love of design, I always knew that I was meant to work with my hands. I graduated with a Fine Arts degree from OCAD, where I focused my studies on photography and art history. This allowed me to build a strong knowledge of contemporary artistic practices, refine my use of colour, and to find inspiration in dramatic compositions. 

Deciding to work with flowers was like reuniting with an old friend. My work aims to honour that friendship with flowers, by approaching floral design in a way that highlights the understated details and paying homage to the seasons.






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