Royal Botanical Gardens / by Rosalie Villanueva

It doesn’t even seem like very long ago that I was shedding my spring coat to make way for the summer heat.

In late June, some of my dearest flower friends and I went to the Royal Botanical Gardens on a Saturday that (miracle of miracles) we all had off at the same time- truly incredible when your best friends are all florists in the wedding industry!

While the bearded irises were mostly done at that point, we managed to catch some peonies in what seemed to be an unusually long season for them, and of course we were happy to enjoy the roses and the dogwood as well.

Now it seems to be all about the zinnias and the dahlias, which can only mean that the frost is not too far behind. But in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy wearing a sweater again and looking at these pictures that feel like they were taken a lifetime ago.