Garden Party Flower Farm / by Rosalie Villanueva

Earlier this summer I had the chance to visit Garden Party Flower Farm to pick my own flowers. Located in St. Agatha just outside of Kitchener, it was a nice little drive out from Toronto and a really cute way to spend an afternoon. Being out in the fields confirmed what I already knew to be true- being a flower farmer is a lot of work and I sure couldn’t do it (though I have a lot for respect for people who do).

I have gotten flowers from Garden Party before. I would normally pick them up at The Local Flower Collective in Toronto, a hub where floral designers can buy wholesale from local flower farmers. It was nice, however, to meet Theresa and see her farm. Knowing where your flowers come from and making connections with the growers has become increasingly important to me, in an effort to be more ecological as well as economical. It’s nice to know there are a lot of other options besides flying flowers in from Holland, or South America, or wherever, all the time.

Also, it’s just nice to spend time outdoors. As a result, I think I had Tom Petty’s Wildflowers stuck in my head for the rest of the afternoon.