Still Life Workshop / by Rosalie Villanueva

To celebrate the arrival of spring, I took a workshop that combined two of my great loves- flowers + photography.

With acclaimed florist, writer, and grower Christin Geall demonstrating how to make artful arrangements, the attendees had a chance to create their own Dutch Masters style still life and have it photographed by the enormously talented Kristin Sjaarda. It felt so great to listen to a brief lesson on the Golden Age of Dutch painting and the language of flowers (it reminded me of my days at OCAD) and to cover the technical aspects involved with creating a dynamic still life photograph (again, reminded me of my days at OCAD). To say that I was geeking out and fan-girling would be an understatement.

It was a lovely day, and Mint Room Studios was the perfect backdrop for it all. I also need to mention that the props were not only beautiful but delicious as well- a tasty craft table spread that was so on the nose and truly impressive!

I walked away from the workshop not only with a bunch of beautiful images but with a sense of coming out of emotional hibernation. Winter was difficult and stayed for much too long, which I could also say about my hiatus from fine art photography. But it’s getting warmer outside, and inside I feel that passion being reignited. Possibilities (and more warm weather and flowers!) are ahead of me, and I’m so excited.